Danny’s 3rd birthday celebration 

The boys, especially Danny, were very excited about celebrating Danny’s third birthday last weekend.  They were happy to help Grandma set the table for a special birthday dinner. 

We took a little break to go see Santa and decorate gingerbread man cookies.  Santa’s elves gave the boys Christmas tree light sticks which they loved. 

Back inside and warm at Grandma’s house, the boys and I got to work on making a snowman birthday cake for Danny.  It turned out pretty cute and he loved it. 
We had a delicious dinner and the boys had a lot of fun playing with their cousins.  
Having learned a few prayers in both English and Spanish, Danny loves to reminds us to pray before we eat. 
Danny could barely contain his excitement when it was time to sing him happy birthday! 

To speed up the process of consuming the cake and ice cream, Danny simultaneously used a cake fork in one hand and an ice cream spoon in the other.  
When Danny opened his presents, Patrick was interested in every gift and made lots of helpful suggestions like, “This part can be yours and I’ll have that part.”   


We had a great time celebrating!

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