Christmas Show

Not long after we arrived back in the United States, the boys started attending a preschool near my mom and dad’s house.  They have especially enjoyed doing Christmas art projects and learning Christmas songs and were very excited about performing at their Christmas show.     

On the morning of the boys’ show, just seconds after taking the above photos on the front stairs, Patrick laid down on the carpet, said his tummy hurt, and then threw up on the carpet once and about five more times on the hardwood floor as he made his way to the bathroom.  We didn’t send him to school that morning which devastated him, and he begged and begged to go to school just for the show, so we let him.

Danny’s class performed two songs – “Way Down in Bethlehem” and “Jingle Bells.”  


Patrick’s class sang “Little Drummer Boy” and “I Saw Three Ships.”  

Next all the students together performed “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”  


Following the show, there was a small reception.  Before I could stop him, Patrick stuffed an Oreo cookie into his mouth.  Thankfully he didn’t barf it up.  Danny happily sampled a number of treats while sitting with Aunt Annie.  

Later that afternoon, after everyone had taken a good nap and Patrick was feeling better, the boys entertained themselves  with stickers.  Once covered in stickers, the boys ran around screaming that they were superheroes.  I don’t know what kind of superpowers come with stickers, but the boys had fun. 

For the boys’ last day of school before Christmas break, Patrick’s class had a pajama party and Danny’s class had “green day.”  They were excited about their outfits! 

Patrick received a reindeer cookie at school and when he got home, he gave the cookie to Danny who was so happy about the kind gesture.  “I love the cookie!” said Danny as he hugged the cookie and then hugged Patrick.

Later that night we went to a Christmas party.  Patrick proposed that both boys wear their Santa jammies and Santa hats to the party.  Going to a party in pajamas seemed like a good time-saver to me, so I agreed.  The boys loved seeing Santa at the party and were so excited to received a tiny Rudolf from him.The boys can’t wait for Santa to come on Christmas Eve! 

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