Christmas Fun in the City

Last weekend the boys and I stayed at a hotel in Chicago.  The boys loved it, especially swimming in the hotel pool and enjoying the view from our room of the trains arriving and departing at the State and Lake L station.  They also liked seeing sports team logos they recognized.

We enjoyed waffles and pancakes for breakfast.

We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather (temps in the 60s!) and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo for “Zoo Lights” to see the zoo all decorated for Christmas.  The boys liked watching ice carving, meeting Rudolf, staring at all the lights, and playing with a flashing light stick they had received for free at one of the exhibits.       

We went for a ride on the zoo train too.

Last weekend we also went with Aunt Michele (aka “Aunt Shelf”) and cousin Griffin to see the interactive play “Three Little Kittens.”  The boys had a great time!  They were given magnifying glasses to look for clues and silly mustaches to disguise themselves.  Once the mittens were found, the boys helped the kittens wash them (that was Danny’s favorite part he said).  They enjoyed the rat who stole the mittens.  Patrick’s favorite part was the girl kitten’s sad exclamations of “No pie!” when she feared her mom wouldn’t give her any pie if her mittens had been lost.  The play was very cute and the boys loved it.  Thanks, Aunt Shelf, for a fun outing!

We visited the Chicago History Museum last weekend with my brother Matt.  One of the highlights of the museum was the children’s section, where the kids pretended to be hot dogs.

The boys also pretended to run in the Chicago Marathon with Uncle Matt and they got to try riding a large old-fashioned bike. 

We visited the train exhibit and were surprised to see Santa and a woman the boys referred to as “Santa’s girlfriend” greeting visitors and passing out treats to children.  The boys were very excited!   

During a visit to the museum’s gift shop, the boys pretended to be pizzas and hot dogs.  

We had a great time in the city!  We went out for a delicious Italian dinner on Taylor Street on Saturday night.  The boys were pretty well behaved all weekend.  They loved traveling in taxis and taking the train back and forth between my parent’s house and the city.   We ended up leaving the city earlier on Sunday than we had planned after Danny threw up a few times that morning.  Thankfully, after a three-hour nap that afternoon, he felt better! Patrick experienced similar ailments a few days later.  Fun times!

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