A Christmas Carol

Earlier this month we went to see a children’s theater production of “A Christmas Carol.”  In anticipation of this, we started to talk to the boys about the story of Ebenezer Scrooge who turned from a miserly old grouch into a cheerful generous man after being visited by ghosts of his deceased business partner and of Christmas past, present, and future.  

The boys were full of questions.  Are there any monsters in this story?  Does Scrooge have a sword?

After hearing the story from us over a hundred times and watching The Muppets Christmas Carol movie, the boys knew the story well and were excited to see the play with their cousins and Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike.   

The boys, especially Danny, had many questions and comments during the show.
        Is that guy Ebenezer? Is that guy Ebenezer? How about that guy?
        Why are the lights flashing?
        Why is he mean?
        I’m disappointed that he’s being mean.
        That fantasma (“ghost”) is a little spooky!
        Look, Mom! He’s happy now!

Although we were worried the ghosts might be a little scary for the kids, it was fine and the kids loved the show.  All in all, a successful outing to the theater!  Thank you, Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike!

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