Birthday Celebrations and Christmas Decorations

Last weekend, my family gathered to celebrate Patrick’s fifth birthday my sister Annie’s 23rd birthday, and my brother Patrick’s 35th birthday.  With the nearly 30 of us (me and the boys, my parents, my siblings, their spouses and kids) gathered for the birthday celebrations, my parents took advantage of the crowd and put us to work decorating the house for Christmas.

The boys spent the morning warming up by the fireplace in the family room. 

Patrick and Danny (but mostly Uncle Jonah) helped Grandpa bring the Christmas tree into the house.   

The boys helped me make and decorate three cakes for the birthday honorees.  They had fun sampling the frosting and making silly faces.   

Patrick and I broke the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey.  Although I ended up with the larger piece of bone, Patrick quickly traded with me and then told everyone that he had “won the wishbone.” 

The boys helped Grandma hang the stockings, put out all the snowmen, and decorate the fireplace mantles.  

The boys helped hang non-breakable ornaments on the tree. 

Here are the boys in front of the finished tree with their cousins!  

We had a delicious dinner of flank steak cooked on the grill and oven-roasted salmon.   

Next it was time to eat the cake and open the gifts.  


Danny is especially excited about his own birthday in two more weeks!

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