El Circo de los Niños

Last week was the end of classes for the boys before their summer vacation.  The end of the academic school year was marked with a “clausura” or closing celebration.  The planning began months ago and the theme of “el circo” (the circus) was selected.  The parents planning the event started out with lofty ambitions.  Brian attended a parents’ meeting that involved an awful lot of arguing and shouting and resulted in one family withdrawing their child from the school via an email to all parents and school employees the following day.

The kids still enrolled in the school were assigned parts for the show and given guidance about wardrobe.  Patrick was given the role of “payasito” (little clown) and Danny was assigned “motociclista” (motorcyclist). 
On the day of the show the boys were very excited. 
The teachers spent the afternoon setting up the stage and getting the rented room ready for the event. 

We got to the venue early and Patrick got his clown makeup done.  Danny (who the Paraguayans think is named either “Dani” or “Dany”) watched.   

The show started with a flag presentation.  One flagbearer was a competent professional while the other was a crying mess who had to be carried by her dad while her mom carried the flag.  

Next we watched a video looking back on the school year. 

The teachers and director gave out diplomas to the students.  Thankfully both boys were promoted to the next level. 

Patrick was a very happy clown.  He and his fellow payasitos ran around in circles jumping like crazy people.  One little clown, Marcos, fell right off the stage.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt and got right back up to continue his performance.    

Danny was thrilled to be a motorcyclist!   

The circus strongmen or “hombres fuertes” were very cute and funny. 

Ballerinas and hula hoop dancers performed next. 

A magic show done by fellow student Brandon and his parents followed the kids’ numbers.  Patrick was very impressed.  “Wow,” he said. “First the grown ups did some magic but then Brandon did a trick and he’s just a kid!” 

For the final number of the show, all the kids joined the magician family on stage and danced to a song. 

The kids had a great time and the show was very cute!

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