Daddy’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated Brian’s birthday.  The boys were very excited to help decorate the cake.  Patrick liked sampling the chocolate frosting.  

Danny liked the colored decorative frosting, especially when I put a little bit on his hand and told him it was a snake.  

The boys were so pleased with the final product especially the star, that they started to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in Spanish. 

The boys loved singing to Daddy and helping to blow out the candles.  

After a little cake and ice cream and some goodnight hugs for Daddy, it was time for bed!

Earlier that day, we had moved both boys’ beds into the same room.  Patrick promptly moved his pillow and all his stuffed animals to Danny’s bed and declared that the two boys would be sharing Danny’s bed.  

Later convinced that each boy should sleep in his own big boy bed, both fell soundly asleep.    

Last weekend we also finally got around to carving our pumpkins, which were actually squash.  Since Halloween isn’t celebrated here, they don’t have real pumpkins, and the boys didn’t know the difference anyway, we figured it was fine that we didn’t get around to carving until November.  Danny kept sticking his fingers in his pumpkin’s mouth and pretending that it had bit him.  

Patrick liked trying to smile as big a his pumpkin.  

They loved how their creations turned out!   


Last weekend we also attended the Marine Corps Ball in celebration of the 240th birthday of the Marines.  After I put on my floor length dress, Danny asked me, “Mommy, what happened to your feet?”  He then looked under my dress to see if he could find my feet.  

During the formal program of the evening, we heard about the history of the Marines and heard messages from the first and the current commandants of the Corps. 

There was a special table to honor the fallen Marines. 

Each place setting had a bottle opener for a party favor.  The tables were decorated with beautiful centerpieces of red roses and baby’s breath.  Brian and I both had the beef and both cleaned our plates.  

The Marines alternated between serious and silly and gladly posed for a picture with Brian and me.

We had a fun night with coworkers and friends! 

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