Is today Sunday?

During our last trip to the United States, the boys developed a bit of an obsession: Eggo Waffles. 

They each ate two almost every morning of our three-week trip.  Patrick prefers his waffles plain – no butter and no syrup.  Sometimes he likes his waffles cut into long strips, and sometimes he likes them cut into many teeny tiny pieces which he eats one at a time just to ensure his waffles will last longer than Danny’s.  Danny doesn’t really care how his waffles are cut, but he does like butter on top and syrup on the side.  He got a bit confused about the name of the syrup however.  He kept mixing up “Aunt Jemima” with “Aunt Joanne,” my moms sister.  “I’d like waffles with Aunt Joanne,” he’d tell us.   

Because they liked them so much, we decided to bring some waffles back with us to Paraguay.  Before we left the U.S., we bought several boxes of frozen waffles at the grocery store, threw them in a checked bag, and hoped for the best.  By the time we made it home to Paraguay, the waffles were a bit thawed and misshapen, but we put them back in the freezer and they seemed fine.  Since then, we’ve tried to make the waffles last as long as we can, only letting the boys eat them on Sunday mornings.  The boys don’t really know the order of the days of the week, but they do know that Sundays are waffle days.  Nearly every morning when they wake up, they ask, “Is today Sunday?”

The boys love their Sunday morning breakfasts!  


Scout, who wisely positioned himself under the table between the two boys for every meal, liked waffle day too. 

Recently a dessert waffle bar opened at one of Asunción’s churrasquerias.  A coworker and I sampled the deliciousness while there for lunch recently.  We were not disappointed. 

Brian and I took the boys there for waffles the other day.    

Patrick picked chocolate ice cream as a topping for his waffle and Danny chose strawberry.  (Danny has his hand in front of his face because he’s pretending to hold a camera and take pictures.)  The boys enjoyed their waffles!  And the restaurant’s fish tank.   

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