Patrulla de Cachorros

Patrick and Danny have a new obsession: a tv show called “Patrulla de Cachorros” (“Paw Patrol” in English).  It’s a cartoon about a group of heroic puppies led by a tech-savvy ten-year-old.  We don’t let the boys watch much tv, but when we do their first choice is almost always Patrulla de Cachorros.  Patrick’s favorite character is Chase, a policeman puppy.  Danny’s favorite character is Marshall, a fireman puppy.  Other characters include Syke (a puppy with a helicopter), Zuma (has a hovercraft he often uses over water), Rocky (who drives a construction digger) and Rubble (an inventive puppy with lots of handy tools).  The boys have been quick to correct my traditional American pronunciation of “Rocky” and “Rubble.”  “No, Mom,” they say, “It’s ‘ROE-key’ and ‘RUE-bill’!”  Duly noted, boys.  Having only seen the show in Spanish and not English, of course they think the names should be pronounced with Spanish accents!

With the boys’ love of Chase and Marshall, picking Halloween costumes was easy this year.  The boys tried on their costumes last week, so Scout could see them dressed as puppies before he left town.    


On Thursday, the Embassy hosted a family trick or treating event.  Each office decorated for Halloween and the kids went office to office, seeing the decorations, collecting candy, and showing off their costumes.    

The boys were pleased with the candy they got!  

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