So Long, Scout

It’s no secret that Patrick and Danny love Scout and enjoyed having him live with us these past few months.  They liked to play in his cage.

They loved to snuggle with him on the floor and in his bed.     

This incredibly patient animal even tolerated dress up. 

When Scout first came to stay with us, he slept in his own bed, outside the boys’ rooms. 

Scout eventually promoted himself to the couch, encouraged to do so by the boys and more snuggles. 

Danny, usually the first one up, often read to Scout in the mornings. 

Patrick liked to imitate how Scout typically slept, on his back with his paws in the air. 

Eventually, Scout’s bed was mostly empty as he found more comfortable places to sleep. 

Scout occasionally slept in the boys’ beds, including this night when Danny was under the weather. 

Scout missed the boys when they were at school and waited at the front door for them to return.  

During meal times, Scout wisely positioned himself under the table, eager for any scraps that might come his way, courtesy of Patrick and Danny.    

Despite our concerns of the contrary, Scout has had no interest in our five chickens.  All the animals roam freely in front of the house without much concern for the other.  Not everything about Scout was wonderful though.  He did make some disgusting messes with the garbage and dairy products he ingested, which resulted in some unfortunate barfing in the house, the car, and at the Embassy.  When we wised up and hid the garbage and all people food anytime we left Scout alone in the house, he found other things to destroy, like his food and water, or an empty diaper box.    

This week we said goodbye to Scout and sent him to Bogotá, Colombia to be reunited with his owner, Mike.  There were lots of hugs, snuggles, and licks in the days leading up to Scout’s departure.   

Eventually Scout was loaded into his cage and picked up for his overnight flight.      

It took awhile, but Scout finally made it to Colombia!  

And of course with Scout’s departure, we’ll have one less little boy using our backyard as their bathroom.  (We are still working on that with Danny and Patrick.)

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