Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party

After having received Hawaiian outfits (possibly pajamas) from Uncle Jay and Aunt Shelf a year ago, the boys finally had the perfect occasion to wear them outside of the house – a Hawaiian luau birthday party this past weekend for two little guys who were turning one.  

The centerpiece of the birthday meal was a roasted pig which fascinated kids of all ages. Older boys wanted to eat the ears, but thought better of it and tried to feed them to Scout who similarly had no interest.  Danny and Patrick noticed that the pig still had its teeth so they took turns pretending the pig had bit them.

Patrick ate lots of “sandia” (watermelon, in English), Danny stuffed himself with bread, and I enjoyed a delicious shredded pork sandwich with spicy chipotle sauce.   
The boys were happy to find Oreo cookies as treats.  

Patrick had fun riding a bike up and down the drive and Danny couldn’t get enough of the “globo loco” (bouncy house). 

Everyone had fun with the two piñatas and gathering up the prizes inside.    

Here are the two birthday boys with their proud parents.  

The highlight of the party was the cake.  There was a gorgeous and delicious three-tiered cake for the guests, while each of the birthday boys got their own not-no-little cake.  

Sadly Connor knocked his cake over, and though his dad was able to save it from falling to the ground, poor Connor was too upset to continue eating the cake.  Greyson meanwhile chowed down happily on his cake.  

We had a great afternoon!  Happy Birthday, Connor and Greyson! 

We came home with a messy Dan (he ate a piece of chocolate in the car) and a happy Patrick.  

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