About 48 hours after Brian, the boys, and I returned from three weeks in the United States, Brian left for a week in Thailand.  He flew from Paraguay to Brazil to Amsterdam (where he had a 12-hour layover and just enough time to see a few sites including Anne Frank’s house) to Bangkok. 

Upon arrival in Bangkok, Brian was greeted by this guy in the airport.   

Brian’s dinner one night with a few friends was interrupted by a cat dropping a not-quite-dead mouse on the foot of a fellow diner.  No pictures of that though.  The restaurant was a staunch proponent of safe sex, alliteration, and leafy vegetables.  

Brian visited the Grand Palace. 

He saw the reclining Golden Buddha.  

Brian came home with nice elephant themed gifts for all of us, including coasters and a bottle opener.   

Brian gave the boys a toy train set with four elephants that ride on the tracks.  Patrick said the large elephant was named Patrick, and the others were named Daddy, Daniel, and Mommy.    

Scout didn’t like the elephants and stalked and pawed at them like a cat would a mouse.  

Brian brought back a challenge coin from the Marines at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. 

The boys got cute little Thai outfits and jammies and little elephant figurines. 

I got a cool green beaded necklace and a purse, and Brian brought back a bunch of silk ties and scarves from the famed Jim Thompson stores.  

Although it took Brian two days a to travel each way between Paraguay and Thailand, at least he didn’t have any kids traveling with him, so it wasn’t too bad!

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