Marco Island 

After nice visits with family in Chicago and South Carolina, Brian the boys and I headed to Marco Island, Florida – just the four of us – for a few days at my parents’ condo right on the Gulf of Mexico.

 We loved being on the beach and looking at the waves. We watched a storm rolling in one morning. We had to move our planned beach picnic to the balcony while the storm passed. 


  Despite a little rain, we had plenty of time to enjoy the white, wide, and nearly deserted beautiful beaches.


The boys loved jumping in the waves. 

We spent lots of time playing at the beach and looking for seashells. 

The boys built “a Christmas tree” with a stick and decorated it with shells.  From the pool and the condo balcony we could wave to each other, which the boys liked. 

We saw many beautiful sunsets from the balcony. 

The boys enjoyed ice cream for dessert. 

I enjoyed the seafood, including this delicious surf and turf. 

The boys were excited to visit an alligator farm.


We loved Marco Island and after our fantastic three-week vacation, it was time to start making our way back to Paraguay, a long journey that took 29 hours.  First we flew from Miami to Atlanta, where boys enjoyed the airport train and I enjoyed Panda Express.  Next we spent twelve hours on an overnight flight from Atlanta to São Paulo, including two hours on the tarmac while an electrical problem was fixed. 

Once we took off, Patrick put on a sleep mask, snuggled into his nest on floor, and slept for almost the entire flight.  Danny slept a little, but not much.  Instead he watched “Big Hero 6” (or as he called it, “Robot Movie”) about four or five times. 

Due to the delay leaving Atlanta, our seven-hour layover in São Paulo was cut to five hours.  Thankfully we ran into a friend who got us into to an airport lounge in São Paulo where we all had breakfast and Brian and I took turns napping. 

Finally, after a two hour flight to Asuncion, we were back home and the boys and Scout had a joyous reunion.

We loved our time in the United States and can’t wait to be back there again soon! 

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