Hilton Head

After our time in Chicago, we headed to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for a few days with Brian’s parents at their new house.

We visited the stables and petting zoo on the island and the boys were thrilled to ride on Charlie the pony.  


They hugged/played the drums on a deer as if it were Scout and fed many animals.  When Danny stuck his fingers in the mouth of a hungry goat, he did not like what happened next.  “A goat bit my finger!” he cried.      

We had lots of fun at the beach.  The boys loved digging “to Paraguay” and jumping in the waves.         

Patrick had fun learning how to use a frisbee, which he calls a “plato volador” meaning flying plate in Spanish. We saw beautiful sunsets at beach while the boys collected lots of treasured seashells.       

The boys’ favorite things at the playground included the tire swing and crocodile.
While swimming at the pool one afternoon, a crane showed up.  They boys were fascinated.  Danny convinced Patrick they should try to catch the bird and give it a bath, and lucky for everyone, the crane easily escaped.

We went on an afternoon boat ride and saw lots of dolphins.   

We climbed to the top of the Harbour Town lighthouse and enjoyed the great views.  

The boys relaxed in the rocking chairs in Harbour Town. 

The highlight of the trip for the boys was a pirate themed boat ride to find the mean Stinky Pete who had stolen a treasure chest from the good pirates.  We prepared for the adventure by having lunch at a pirate themed restaurant.  
We then headed over to the boat docks where the boys got temporary tattoos, pirate names (“Parrot Bay Patrick” and “Daniel the Destroyer”), and attended a briefing about how to act like a pirate.   

Armed with swords for the boys (a purchase we have regretted ever since) we boarded the “Black Dagger” in search of Stinky Pete and the stolen treasure.  Patrick was thrilled to be chosen to help hoist the ship’s flag. Danny liked the pirate juice (AKA “grog”) for the young pirates.  

The best part of the adventure was the arrival of Stinky Pete in his little boat.  The kids fired water cannons at Stinky Pete until he gave back the stolen treasure and then fell in the water.  They boys loved manning the water cannons.      

The boys obsessed over their cut of the loot!

Among the odd things boys really liked in Hilton Head was the staircase to the attic at Brian’s parents’ house.  Patrick asked repeatedly if he could “visit the ceiling” so we finally let him.  Danny really liked the large exterior garbage cans on the island and kept asking to “play in the casita” (little house).  

I had lots of delicious seafood, including Alaskan king crab legs, fish tacos, and some amazing sushi wrapped in filet mignon, all stuff I can’t get in Paraguay!

Although the boys spent lots of time looking for alligators, they didn’t find any.  Brian saw one in his parents’ backyard but the boys and I were out and missed it. 

We had a nice time in Hilton Head and can’t wait to go back!  Hopefully we’ll all see an alligator next time!

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