It’s the Little Things

Earlier this week, Brian had to travel for three days for work.  While he was gone, we had a little excitement in our house.  Rather, for me it was so ordinary I barely noticed it, but for the boys it was unbelievable.  So what was this event?  A lightbulb flashed and then burned out while the boys and I sat together on the couch reading a bedtime story.  I thought nothing of it and continued reading, but the boys were fascinated.  “That was like lightning!” said Danny.  “That was amazing!” said Patrick.  Too distracted by recent events to continue listening to the story, the boys had lots of questions about lamps, lightbulbs, and electricity.
They tried unplugging the lamp and plugging it back in and flipping the switch a hundred times but the lamp wouldn’t work until we put in a new lightbulb.  They loved it.    
When the boys spoke on the phone with Brian, and again when Brian got home from his trip, the boys were so excited to tell him that a lightbulb had burned out while he was gone.  

It’s funny to see things through the eyes of children, although Scout didn’t seem to care.  

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