I like you so much

Early this morning, about an hour before the sun came up, Danny toted a few treasured toys to our room and with his face just inches from mine cheerfully announced, “I woke up!”  And with that, so did I.

We encouraged him to go back to sleep in his own bed, but he said he didn’t want to and asked if he could get in our bed.  Too tired to argue with him, I lifted him up and plopped him in  the bed between Brian and me.  I put his fire truck and puppy fireman on the nightstand which drew immediate protests, “But Mooooom! I really want them.”  I gave in again and passed him the toys.    

The little creature adjusted himself so that his head was in the center of my pillow and he had the majority of the covers of a king sized bed wrapped around him.  He then snuggled up close to me and rubbed his nose against mine and said, “I like you so much.”  

What a cute little face to wake up to!  

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