Expo 2015

Last weekend, after Brian and I gave the boys each a small basketball we had received the night before from the Harlem Globetrotters, we took them to the Asuncion Expo, which is sort of like a county fair.  

The boys were especially looking forward to seeing animals – cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and horses.  Our nanny Maria said there were even monkeys too.  And Danny really wanted to see lions and tigers, though we assured him that was unlikely. 

The first thing we saw was cows – lots and lots of cows.  


We saw educational material about bovine reproduction, though the boys were way more interested in the piles of cow skins.

There were prize-winning goats. 

The boys liked petting horses but it made Danny nervous when the horse exhaled and neighed.

The boys were fascinated by the cowboy taking care of his horse. 

We saw horses jumping in a competition.   

There were many food choices, especially various meats roasting over an open flame. 

There were fancy restaurants and fast food places. 

We also saw some very odd food offerings – like a pig selling pork sausages and rabbit empanadas being sold alongside pet rabbits.  We bought nothing.  


The boys enjoyed seeing the display of John Deere tractors.    

We saw a wide range of artisanal wares for sale. 

My cowboys had a great afternoon, though we never saw the pigs or chickens, nor the monkeys, lions, or tigers. 


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