The Harlem Globetrotters

On Friday, Brian and I got two free last-minute VIP tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters that night.

The show was in a high school gym, which Brian and I speculated must be one of the only basketball courts in the country.

After we sat down we were offered free juice from a woman in a lab coat, courtesy of an event sponsor.  Maybe she was a doctor or a pharmacist?  I declined but Brian drank it and said it was pretty good apple juice.  

The team mascot, Globie, warmed up the crowd.  

Globie played musical chairs with several kids and next had four adult audience members sit in chairs and then lean back onto each other’s laps.  Then Globie pulled out the chairs, one by one.  After a few wobbly seconds, everyone fell over. 

Next the Washington Generals came out and got ready to play.  

As the Generals warmed up, Brian and I saw this lady and can only assume she’s not American based on the disrespect she’s showing the Stars and Stripes. 

The Globetrotters, who had a girl on their team, came out next and started to warm up.   


It seems like the Globetrotters all use stage names.  In addition to those shown below, player names also include Dragon and TNT.

The game was soon underway!  

I don’t know a whole lot about basketball or the Globetrotters, but this game seemed to feature a few things not permitted in a real game – like prolonged swinging from or standing on the hoop.  

The Globetrotters were pros at distracting the Generals with techniques that included stealing a purse (which a co-worker immediately recognized as a Michael Kors bag) from a spectator. 

The Globetrotters also de-pants’ed a player who happened to have a skirt on under his shorts, players donned masks, and spontaneously broke into the YMCA dance. 
The Globetrotters made a shocking discovery that the ref was secretly a player from the Generals. 

At halftime, the Embassy folks at the game met at half court for photo with the Globetrotters.  

Also during halftime another Globetrotter mascot, Big G, made an appearance. 

The second half began with the Globetrotters down by two. 


By the end of fourth quarter, the game was tied. 

The Globetrotters pulled out a win in overtime! 

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