Roxy: A Girlfriend for Scout?

We have a new, though temporary, addition to our family.  This is Roxy the portly corgi who is staying with us while Roxy’s family stays in a hotel and Embassy maintenance guys finish getting their house ready.  

In advance of Roxy’s arrival, Patrick spent a lot of time looking at (and sleeping next to) pictures of Roxy and made Scout do the same.


Roxy showed up last week on an early morning flight and was dropped off at our house just before 6am.  At first she was a little nervous to leave her cage.  

Soon though Roxy was eating, drinking, and running around the yard with Scout.  The two dogs have been getting along well and seem to argue less than Patrick and Danny do.

After having heard about Roxy and studying photos of her, the boys were very excited to finally meet her.  They instantly loved her. With the addition of Roxy, the population of our house now includes two dogs, two kids, two adults, five chickens, and a few stray/wild animals that come and go like cats, birds, snails, bats, lizards, and an occasional cucaracha.  One co-worker has started to refer to my house as “Noah’s Ark.”  Many have asked us when we are going to get a dog of our own, but at this point I think that might be the last thing we need!  The boys sure love animals though.

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