Let the Party Begin!

After a beautiful ceremony uniting Mike and Sheila as husband and wife, it was time to celebrate.  As my sister Colleen said, “Til death to us party!” and “I now pronounce you ready to rage!”  

Once we arrived at the reception venue, our tallest sister Annie was in charge of bustling Sheila’s veil.  A few others worked on bustling the gorgeous dress.

Next on the agenda was the bridal party feats of strength.  With good reason, Mike was more nervous about this than Sheila. 

We took a few more pictures with a mix of smiles and very serious faces.   

Here are Mom and Dad looking amazing! 

There were pictures with aunts and uncles, a few cousins, and the next sibling to get married, my brother Matt with his fiancé Noura. 

Cocktails and appetizers had to be moved inside, since it started to rain during the pictures.  While some guests drank beers in a party favor of personalized beer koozies, a few guests sipped Moscow Mules from copper mugs.  Both food and drinks were served with personalized napkins bearing the Collins family coat of arms.  

Once guests were seated In the dining room, the bridal party was introduced, followed by the bride and groom who proceeded to cut the wedding cake.   I just love the expressions on Sheila’s face!

Father Patrick gave a blessing and my dad gave a perfect, humorous, and touching father of the bride toast. 

A delicious dinner was then served.  

As guests dined, they listened to toasts by the best man, John (Mike’s brother),and the maid of honor, my sister Maureen.

The bride and groom said a few words of thanks to their guests and hosts. 

The best thing about dessert was that it was available the whole rest of the evening.  There were lots of wonderful choices but my two favorites were the cheesecake and the brownies. 

Sheila and Mike danced for the first time as husband and wife, to the old jazz song, “Grow Old With Me.” 

Sheila and Dad danced to the Rod Stewart song “Forever Young.” 

Mike shared a dance with his mom. 

The dance floor was declared open for all!     

Guests did a little limbo later in the night using a tie.  Sheila was far and away the best! 

In lieu of a guest book, there was a poster with the Collins family crest and coat of arms. 

For the first time in a long time, all of my Collins cousins were in the same place at the same time.  Here are 29 cousins, one fiancé, seven spouses, and one cousin’s kid.  

No Collins celebration is compete without Uncle Tim’s cannon.  The bride and groom, using a hockey stick, set off the cannon (twice!) while wedding guests held sparklers and watched the fun.      

As my sister Annie said, “There were sparks flying everywhere that night!” 

The bride took a picture with all of the guests named “Michael Collins.” 

Nobody had a bad time at this wedding!  There was lots of love in the air!

Later in the night, guests were offered a snack of White Castle burgers. 

Here are a few images of the day, as captured by my siblings. 


The next morning, my parents hosted a small brunch for my siblings.  My mom, while wearing a diamond encrusted bracelet rescued from the lost and found the night before, scrambled 40 eggs.  I, wearing no bracelet, cooked three pounds of breakfast sausage and four pounds of bacon.  We also had donuts, bagels, scones, fruit salad, a few gallons of orange juice, and an industrial sized pot of coffee.   

The bride and groom stopped by too.  The groom showed off his ring which seemed to be reacting negatively with his skin.  Just to be clear, the reaction was to the ring itself and not to marriage!  

By the way, if you’re missing anything from the wedding, give my mom a call.  The diamond bracelet was returned to its rightful owner, but we still have several men’s ties, a few pairs of eye glasses, and a pair of woman’s shoes (what did she wear home?) waiting to be claimed!
I can’t wait for the next wedding!

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