Goodbye, Mike; Welcome, Scout

Sunday was Mike’s last full day in Paraguay.  We had him over for a goodbye brunch, gave him a break for a few hours, and had him back for a goodbye dinner.

For dinner we made homemade pizzas.  The boys helped with rolling out the dough, spreading out the sauce, and adding the cheese and other toppings.



The pizzas turned out really well.  We had Jimmy Dean sausage, freshly shredded mozzarella, and on Brian’s pizza, giardiniera.

Mike, Patrick, and Danny enjoyed a little playtime after dinner.

The boys brought Scout into their circus tent, and somewhere along the line, from sources unknown, Danny ended up with glitter all over his face.


Eventually, it was bedtime for Patrick and Danny.  Mike helped to get the boys ready for bed and, with Scout as his deputy, supervised tooth brushing.

Mike next read the boys a story in a Hulk Hogan voice in Spanish, which they loved.

They all enjoyed a few last hugs before bed.

Once the boys were in their rooms and in their beds, Mike took turns talking to each boy and telling him goodnight and goodbye.

When it was Patrick’s turn, he and Mike spoke for about 20 minutes and Patrick’s side of the conversation included the following:

“You are my best friend.  I am going to miss you so much.  Thank you for being a good friend.  Thank you for being a nice neighbor.  Can we talk to each other on the computer?  Can you send me toys?  I’d like a tiger and animals crackers.  Twelve boxes of animal crackers.”

As Mike walked out of Patrick’s bedroom, he wiped his eyes and asked why Patrick’s room was so dusty and wanted to know who had been cutting onions in the room.  After wiping his eyes again he said, “I haven’t cried in seven years.  And tonight this four-year old little sh*tbag had me bawling like a baby!  I’m going to miss you guys so much.”

The next morning, both boys were sad knowing that they weren’t going to see Mike for a long time and they asked when we could talk to him on the computer.  The departure of Mike has come with the arrival of Scout who will be living with us for a few months until Mike is settled in his new post in Colombia.  The boys have been very happy to have Scout staying with us again.  They have cuddled with him, played with him, “borrowed” his toys, and claimed his cage as their own.    

On Scout’s first night, Patrick was excited that Scout slept on his bed.  Danny slept alone and upside down in his own bed.

The following night, Paraguay was unfortunately defeated by Argentina in the Copa America, but Scout and Patrick and Danny all displayed their support for Paraguay as they watched the game.  

The boys miss Mike and are adjusting to his absence but they are loving having Scout here!

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