Great American Picnic

This weekend we attended an early Fourth of July celebration picnic for Embassy employees and their families.  There were 350 Paraguayans and 200 Americans enjoying the festivities.  

After months of preparing and planning, the day arrived with absolutely perfect weather – sunny with a nice breeze and temperatures in the 70s.  A group of us showed up early to help set up and get everything ready. 

The food vendors started to cook burgers and hotdogs.  We got the prizes ready for the games, set up the piñata, and picked up two gorgeous flag cakes. 

The picnic began with a flag raising ceremony.  The Marines hoisted a beautiful, large, ceremonial flag in front of the Embassy.       

Lunch was served after the flag raising ceremony.  There were hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, Oreo cookies, and a delicious patriotic cake.  

We had some great flag plates that the guests loved.  

The boys especially enjoyed Oreos and snow cones.  There was also cotton candy and popcorn.  

After lunch, it was time for the games.  We started with a three-legged race.  Patrick and I tried it first with mixed results (he liked it but was disappointed we came in last place in our heat).  Patrick and Danny tried it next.  They made it about 10 feet before Danny fell over crying and wanted to be untied from Patrick. 

Older kids had a great time with the three-legged race! 

Next up was the sack race!  

Patrick had particularly been looking forward to the tug of war. 

Musical chairs was next. 

The boys had a blast with the “globo loco” (bouncy house) and with Arturito, the son of our nanny, Maria.    


There was a clown and an Uncle Sam stilt walker. 

There were two Uncle Sam hat piñatas.  Patrick had fun swinging the bat and both boys loved going after the toys and candy. 

The picnic ended with a fabulous magic show. It was a great afternoon celebrating American Independence!   

We posed like bears. 

I wore this flag pin from my late grandmother.    

The boys were initially insistent that the stars and stripes represent Paraguay, but we are working on this!  

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