Flora & Fauna of Patagonia

When Brian and I traveled through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in January, we saw many interesting and beautiful plants and animals.  Shortly after our return to Paraguay, I started a blog post about this and then forgot about it until now.  Better late than never, I suppose.   

The calafate berry, which looks like a blueberry, tastes very tart and has a few small seeds inside.  According to tradition, visitors to Patagonia will return to the region if they eat a calafate berry during their trip.  Brian and I both tried the berries but have not yet begun planning a return trip to Patagonia.


We saw many fields full of wild daisies.2015/01/img_0248.jpg

We also saw wild strawberries, but didn’t taste any of those.  

A common sight in the area was fields of lupines, in varying shades of blue, pink, and yellow.2015/01/img_0245.jpg

This is a lady’s slipper.2015/01/img_0305.jpg

The many penguins we saw were fascinating to watch.  


The guanaco, a cousin of the camel, can be seen all throughout Torres del Paine National Park.  They live in packs and their babies are called chulemgos.

We saw the body of a freshly killed guanaco (likely killed by a puma) and the bones of a few long dead predecessors. 

Torres del Paine is home to the red and gray fox and we saw both. 

One day we saw an elephant seal lounging on the beach.  

Ostrich are prevalent and can often be seen grazing near the side of the road. 

We saw many sheep in Patagonia.  Over grazing by sheep, we learned, threatens the guanaco. 

We saw many birds, including both rock and imperial cormorants. 

We saw wigeons and coots. 

This is the upland goose.2015/01/img_0310.jpg   

We saw soaring Andean condors. 

Flamingos can be seen in all parts of Chile, including the dry deserts of the north and the cold Patagonia region. 

We saw this scavenger bird looking for its next meal. 

We really enjoyed our trip and all the plants and animals we saw!

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