Chicago Blackhawks 

The boys have never lived in Chicago and have never been to a hockey game, but they do have some Chicago Blackhawks gear and were excited about Game 6 of the Stanley Cup last night.  


We talked about the Stanley Cup and looked at a picture of it going through security on its way to Chicago.  Patrick corrected my pronunciation of the word Hawks.  “No Mom,” he said, “They’re called the ‘Hocks’ like the word ‘hockey’.”  We’ll have to work on that.


Patrick was being silly and pretended to be Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue. 

The boys had fun wearing their Blackhawks gear.    

In case you’re wondering what Danny is holding in his hands, it’s a glass jar containing a dead cucaracha (cockroach) and a dead lagartija (lizard).  The boys are bug-obsessed lately.  (Patrick was beyond upset that we wouldn’t let him sleep with the glass jar in his bed the night before.)

 We let the boys watch the very beginning of the game before they went to bed.  

We’re all happy they won!  Congratulations to the Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup victory! As Danny said this morning, “I want to go to Chicago and see fireworks!”

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