The Caipirinha 

During our recent trip to Rio, Brian and I wanted to try a caipirinha, the unofficial national drink of Brazil, made with cachaça (fermented sugar cane), fresh limes, ice, and sugar. On our last night in town, we asked the hotel bartender to make two – one with alcohol (for me and Brian) and one without (for the boys).  He showed Danny and Patrick all the steps to make the drink and even let them help with mixing it up.   


The boys loved helping to mix the drink.  Their version had sparkling water, rather than alcohol.  

The boys also enjoyed the finished product.  Don’t worry – they only sampled the non-alcoholic version!  Brian and I shared the alcoholic version! 

We had a great trip to Rio!

Since we spent so much time at the beach, the boys needed lots of baths to clean all the sand off them.  At first they liked sharing the hotel bathrobe but Danny eventually wanted out.


One of the boys’ favorite features of the hotel was the wall to wall mirrors in the elevators.  The boys loved seeing “so many Patricks and so many Daniels” in the elevator mirrors. 


The couple in the hotel room next to ours, who did not remove their “do not disturb” sign all weekend and had room service for every single meal, were probably not sad to see us (and our not-so-quiet boys) go!


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