Rio’s Botanic Garden

During our recent trip to Rio, we visited the botanic garden.  We had a nice time hiking the trails.  The boys liked walking alongside enormous trees and Patrick found a rock he was particularly fond of.


Patrick and Danny were happy to see the Christ the Redeemer statue in the distance. 

There are hundreds of tall palm trees lining the main paths of the garden.

There’s an aqueduct there too. 

Patrick and Danny enjoyed watching the waterfalls and the water fountain. 
There were lots of interesting plants and the boys were fascinated by this statue.  

There were many beautiful flowers. These red ones were my favorite.  

Patrick and Danny especially enjoyed seeing the animals.  There were turtles and monkeys.   

One aggressive monkey tried to steal Danny’s cookie, but thankfully Brian intervened and saved the cookie.  The monkey, obviously upset, stared at Danny for awhile, then the pooped on the trail and ran off.  The boys thought this was hilarious.  Since our visit to the garden, the boys have often pretended to be a monkey attempting to steal food from each other or from me and Brian.  (They have not attempted to recreating the monkey’s bathroom habits).  

The monkeys were very entertaining!  

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