Sugar Loaf

The iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain stands at the entrance to Rio’s Guanabara Bay and rises 1,300 ft above the Atlantic Ocean.   Sugar Loaf is actually two separate mountains, Morro da Urca and Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf).  There is a cable car system to take visitors from the ground up to Morro da Urca, and then to the peak of Sugar Loaf.  The cable cars, which first opened in 1912, can carry 1,360 passengers per hour.  Although some poeople have climbed to the top of the mountains, we decided to just go with the cable cars.  The boys were really excited about this.  At Morro da Urca, we enjoyed the views and visited the old model cable cars.  


There’s a tourist helicopter company operating on Morro da Urca and we watched a helicopter load up and then take off.  That was definitely a highlight of the entire trip for Patrick and Danny.    


The price for a tourist helicopter ride was about $100/person for a six minute ride, so we didn’t do it.  Patrick did have fun standing next to a helicopter poster and pretending to jump inside of it. 

Patrick and Danny liked watching airplanes land at Rio’s downtown airport.


We also watched cable cars going up to Sugar Loaf.   

From here, it’s easy to see why the first Eurpeans thought that Guanabara Bay was a river and not the ocean.


We boarded the second cable car and headed up to Sugar Loaf.  


The views from the top were really impressive.  We could see Copacabana and Ipanema beaches (that’s Copacabana below on the left above Patrick’s head).


We learned about how the cable cars work. 

Danny demonstrated a wide range of emotions in about 12 seconds.  

The boys liked seeing the Christ the Redeemer statute which we had visited the day before. 

That night we had dinner with our friend JC at a churasqueria, a restaurant where the waiters bring around various cuts of meat and the diners can pick and choose exactly what they want.  The beef was amazing. 

The boys loved playing with the pinchers on the table, particularly to pick up pieces of the delicious warm bread.    

I loved the seafood, especially the lobster tails and shrimp.    We had a great day!

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