Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro covers 473 square miles and has a population of 6 million people, making it Brazil’s second largest and second most populous city.  First discovered by Europeans on January 1, 1502, they mistook the enormous Guanabara Bay for the mouth of a river (“rio”) and named the location “River of January.”

Last weekend, Brian and the boys and I headed to Rio for five days over Paraguay’s Independence Day holiday weekend.     

The boys were pretty good on the plane, watching the movie “Rio” to get ready for the real thing.  Our friend JC was on our flights too.       

We flew out of Asunción and changed planes in Sao Paolo, having time for a quick dinner at a fast food place in the terminal.  Danny was quite social, going table to table talking to random customers, asking them questions in Spanish, to the guy throwing away garbage, “¿Que comiste?” (What did you eat?); to the guy eating potato chips, “¿Puedo tener uno?” (Can I have one?); to the guy eating ice cream, “Comportaste bien en el vuelo y ahora comes helado?” (Did you behave on the flight and now you’re eating ice cream?); to the guy drinking a beer, “¿Tienes jugo? Yo tengo jugo.” (Do you  have juice? I have juice).

We arrived in Rio after dark and took a short cab ride to our hotel, right on the water at Ipanema beach.  The boys were excited to see that the hotel staff had left them a treat of Mickey Mouse cookies.  Danny may have gobbled them all after Patrick said he didn’t like the dulce de leche filling.
The boys went right to bed, and the next morning we headed out to explore the city!


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