Welcome Home, Daddy!

It was a looooong three weeks while Brian has been out of town for work.  We were busy! 

Poor Danny had his second visit to the Emergency Room and got stitches for the first time (three in his forehead).  It didn’t bother him for long though!  

Our chickens started to spend more time outside of coop, some even sleep on top of the coop or up in the trees near the coop.  Our nanny Maria has suggested that I contact a vet to come break the chickens’ wings so they can’t fly away.  That seems a bit cruel, so I’ll hold off for now.

The boys were very excited to see the deer that lives on the Embassy grounds.


Our alarm had a few problems and when the repairman came the first time, he didn’t finish with the work.  He came back a second time, arriving rather late just as the boys were getting ready for bed.  Clearly recognizing the boys, he addressed them by name and they were thrilled to see him, asking him many questions, “¿Por qué veniste?”  (Why did you come here?) “¿Qué haces?”(What are you doing?) and my favorite, “¿Cómo está tu panza?” (How is your [not so tiny] belly?).  The boys happily watched him work, continuing with their many questions as he finished the repairs.

One morning, without my knowledge, the boys (accidentally?) shut off the water in my bathroom.  I couldn’t figure out the problem, so an Embassy plumber came to fix it, simply turning a nozzle to return water to the sinks, toilet and shower in my bathroom.

I saw large mice (rats?) in the backyard at night on two separate occasions. 

We bought a piano and Patrick started with lessons twice a week.  The classes have been going well, even though Patrick told me he doesn’t need lessons because he already knows how to play the piano.


The boys got haircuts courtesy of our neighbor Mike.  They look cute, although Patrick was sad about the hair that got in his mouth.


We used our juicer to make homemade popsicles.  They were delicious and messy – the boys loved them!


The boys and I had a great time camping while Brian was out of town.  One little girl on the camping trip asked, “Do you guys have a daddy?”  Patrick responded proudly, “Yes we do.  He had to go out of town to help people.”  

Last weekend, after Brian had returned, that same little girl saw Brian at an embassy party and told me, “Be careful near him. He’s a stranger and we should be careful near strangers.”

The boys were so excited to see Brian at the airport when he got off the plane! 


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