Bus Ride in Asunción

Public transportation in Paraguay ranges from non-existent and sketchy to unreliable and downright dangerous, depending on when and where you’re going.  In the middle of a weekday, traveling on a public bus to the Embassy from a restaurant a mile away isn’t the worst idea.  After a recent lunch with coworkers, three of us decided to take the bus back to the Embassy instead of waiting for an Embassy driver to come get us.  For about 40 cents each, we made our way back to work on the bus.  

Here are a few crowded and dangerous buses that we did not ride on.  


Thankfully the bus we rode on was not very crowded.  And as is the case with many things in Paraguay, the bus did not have many visible safety features.  The rear door for example is kept open as the bus drives through the city. 

It was a fun ride, though the other bus passengers’ level of excitement was far lower than ours.


Before getting off the bus, I posed for a quick picture with the driver.


“Disculpa,” our Paraguayan coworker said to the driver as we exited the bus, “son turistas!” (Sorry, they’re tourists!)

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