Another Visit to the ER

Last week, for the second time in two months, poor Danny got a big owie on his forehead.  He is no stranger to bumps, cuts, and bruises on his forehead.


While running at school the other day, he turned quickly and accidentally ran right into the edge of a door.  “No se rompio!”  (it didn’t break!) he exclaimed as blood began pouring out of his head.  Danny’s teacher took him to the hospital, and I met them in the Emergency Room.  A pediatrician cleaned the wound and bandaged it to help stop the bleeding.    

To pass the time while we waited for the plastic surgeon to come stitch up his forehead, Danny played with Legos (asking me over and over again to build him a robot which he promptly destroyed).  He also told me repeatedly, “I wanna see Patrick!”  

Danny did not like getting stitches.  They wrapped him up in a sheet like a mummy so he couldn’t move his hands and feet.  An orderly held Danny’s head still, a nurse held down his feet, and I stood near his chest and tried to comfort him.  Once everyone was in place, the plastic surgeon started by putting some drops on the wound, I assume to either clean or disinfect it before injecting a local anesthetic.  Unfortunately a few drops fell into Danny’s left eye and it must have stung because Danny really started screaming, and didn’t stop until after the last stitch was compete (he got three).  He then fell asleep in my arms as we waited for an hour for another doctor to come check on him. 


Danny loves to eat and never misses a meal.  Unfortunately, his visit to the ER conflicted with the lunch hour and the poor guy was getting hungry.  When a nurse came to check on him, he told her, “Pollo por favor, yo quiero pollo!”  (Chicken please, I want chicken).  When a receptionist came by with some paperwork, he told her, “Yo quiero pan.”  (I want bread).  When we finally left the hospital, the little guy was starving.  As we drove home, we bought two bananas from a street vendor.  At first Danny told me one banana was for him and the other for Patrick, but after he inhaled the first banana, he declared the second banana was for himself as well.


Once at home, Danny was thrilled to see Patrick and lunch.  

Two days later (in the midst of a torrential downpour!), we visited the plastic surgeon’s office so he could see how everything was healing and change the bandage on Danny’s forehead.  Danny was nervous about letting the doctor near his head again, but all was forgiven when the doctor gave Danny juice.    

This week Danny gets his stitches out, and thankfully his cut is healing very well.  Hopefully this will be his last head wound and ER visit for awhile!

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