Easter Fun with Aunt Katie 

Last weekend we were all thrilled that my sister Katie came back to Paraguay to visit us while on a break from her semester studying in Santiago, Chile.  The Embassy was closed Thursday and Friday, giving us a nice four day weekend over Easter.  We stayed in Asunción and had lots of fun together.  

We kicked off the weekend by dyeing Easter eggs.  We were worried that that brown store-bought eggs wouldn’t dye as well as white eggs, but according to Katie’s google research, brown eggs actually result in a more intense color when dyed, compared to white eggs.  After boiling the eggs, we decorated them with tape making a few patterns and one “P” egg and one “D” egg. 

The eggs turned out pretty well! 


The boys liked their eggs with the P and D!


We made a bunny cake and all had fun frosting and decorating it!  The boys did a good job helping Katie add the ingredients and mix the batter.   

Danny and Scout impatiently watched the cakes cook.


The boys liked frosting the cake.  When I told Danny that he couldn’t eat any more frosting, he pouted and said, “I’m mad!”  


Patrick was very excited about how the cake looked when we had finished! 

We went out for ice cream one day.


We did lots of cooking at home – homemade pizza, seared sea scallops, stuffed pasta shells, burgers made with taco seasoning, cheesy potatoes, and using fresh eggs from our chickens we made a veggie frittata and mini frittatas with pancetta.  


The boys and Katie had lots of fun together.  Patrick played the drums for her using toy pots and pans overturned and positioned on his toolbench.  Before starting to bang on the pans with a toy spoon and a spatula, he turned on his dog guitar (“because that makes everything louder”)  and the cacophony would commence.  When Brian suggested that perhaps Patrick didn’t need to play the drums, Patrick responded, “But Daaaaaad! Katie LOVES it when I play the drums!”  

The boys had fun riding their bikes and showing off for Katie!  

Danny and Patrick practiced their skills at playing catch with Katie.


The boys had snuggles, hugs and tickles with Katie and showed her how the like to be upside down.


Danny just stared adoringly at her.   

On Easter morning the boys searched for the eggs left for them by the Conejito Pascual (“Easter Bunny”).

The boys were excited about the shoes, candy and little toys they got in their Easter baskets!

We had a great Easter celebration!  


Scout was in on the fun too! 


We were all sad to see Katie leave again but we are hoping that we’ll all get to meet up soon!

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