Waterfall Cannonball

We recently spent a fun afternoon at our neighbor Mike’s pool.  At the far end of his pool is a waterfall shelf.  After a few of the guys tried pull-ups on the waterfall and were convinced it was strong enough to hold the weight of the boys, we let Patrick try it as a diving board.  Mike lifted Patrick onto the shelf, Patrick adjusted his goggles, and then Patrick jumped and jumped and jumped.

Patrick did belly flops, pencil jumps, and cannonballs, and loved making a big splash.IMG_8565
He especially liked when Mike pretended to be the announcer narrating Patrick’s jumps.

Once Danny woke up from his nap, he and Brian came over too. Danny was not interested in the diving board at first.  Once Patrick took Danny’s hand and convinced him it would be fun, Danny jumped without warning dragging Patrick in behind him.

The boys did quite a few jumps while holding hands.  Sometimes Patrick dragged Danny into the water, and sometimes Danny dragged Patrick in.IMG_8574

Soon Danny was beating his chest like Tarzan and jumping in without fear all on his own.IMG_8572
We even captured a slo-mo video of the boys jumping in! 



We ended the day with quesadillas for dinner for two very tired little boys!IMG_8576

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