Backyard Camping

Patrick and I slept out in our backyard last weekend.  Unfortunately our chosen night coincided with a neighbor’s party that kicked off around 11pm and didn’t die down until 5am.  The music wasn’t blaring non-stop all night, but it certainly did wake me up a few times during the night. Patrick didn’t seem to mind though and slept through the whole thing.

We set up a four-man tent in our backyard.

Before settling in for the night, Scout surveyed the scene outside the tent and Patrick and I left our shoes outside.

When Scout came into the tent, he spent a few minutes on my air mattress followed by a few minutes in his own bed.  Patrick was just excited about the whole thing!

We had fun playing with our shadows and with the star-shaped lights coming from Patrick’s ladybug nightlight.

Scout settled into his preferred sleeping location at Patrick’s feet and in no time, the two boys were sound asleep. 

In the morning, Patrick was happy to open the door to let Scout out.  

Patrick and I had fun on our adventure and he’s already asking when we can do it again! 

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