New School Year

Last week Danny and Patrick started their new school year.  Although boys are not in the same class, they do have overlapping playtime so they are happy about that.

The boys were excited to wear their uniforms.

For breakfast on the first day of school, Patrick and Danny had scrambled eggs, made from fresh eggs collected from our chickens that morning. 

They were a little silly.

They put on their backpacks and we headed to school.

Danny loved his first day and according to the teachers did a lot of chatting with his classmates and singing.  Patrick, who had said he was so excited to go to school, was a bit timid when it came time to actually go to school.  The teachers said he barely spoke the first day and was especially obedient.  They said he was almost like a different person compared to last year!  Don’t worry though, by the second day, he was back to his very talkative and only occasionally-obedient self. 

So far the boys have made some new friends.  Danny’s buddy is Leito, called “New Leito” by the boys so as not to confuse him the Leito who was at the school last year but not this year.  Patrick’s new friends are Mauri and Brian.  Patrick especially likes that one of his new friends has the same name as his Daddy.  

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