Good Times With Aunt Katie

When Aunt Katie was visiting for five weeks, the boys had a lot of fun showing her their favorite animals.   They spent a lot of time playing with “caracoles” or snails.


The boys were fascinated by a dead lizard they found in the house.


Less fascinating and far more horrifying was the snake we found in the kitchen one night.  We’ve heard that it is called a “culebra” or a leg-less lizard and that according to Guarani tradition it is very bad luck to kill it.  So the snake’s life was spared with the fervent hope it won’t make its way back into the house. 

IMG_8635  The boys were very exited to show Aunt Katie the eggs from our chickens.

IMG_8636  The boys’ most favorite thing about Aunt Katie’s visit was all the snuggles and laughs.





In addition to our long road trip to Iguazú Falls, we took a few shorter trips around Asunción.

IMG_8637  One night Katie and I went out for a nice Italian dinner, just the two of us.  We had a lovely time.


Another day we went out for Korean food for lunch with some of my coworkers. 

For Katie’s last night in town, we went to a churrasquería for dinner with a few friends.  Danny, who normally eats everything, only wanted to eat bread.  Patrick, who is normally a little picky about what he’ll eat, excitedly ate everything when we let him use a big knife to cut his food.

Both boys were happy to have some waterwelon and Danny gobbled a little of my dessert too. 

The boys enjoyed some last cuddles and tickles before bed and Aunt Katie’s early morning departure.  

We miss Katie and hope she’ll be back soon! 

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