Iguazú Falls with Aunt Katie

While my sister Katie was here in town, we took her and the boys to Brazil to visit Iguazú Falls.  We left Asunción on a Friday afternoon and arrived in Ciudad del Este about six hours later.  The kids were mostly good, but we definitely had some screaming, crying, and puking on the way. 

Due to road construction on the bridge between Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, we left our hotel in CDE the next morning before sunrise in order to beat the bridge traffic.


We got to the park before it opened and instead of waiting in the parking lot, we headed to the “Triple Frontera” where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay all come together.


We got back to the park just as it opened. There were beautiful views of waterfalls and rainbows.




Danny was “being a bear” to the waterfalls.


We all put on our raincoats before we walked past the biggest waterfalls.



After enjoying the park, we had some delicious burgers and sausage for lunch in Brazil before heading back to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.


Following naps for all five of us, we enjoyed some afternoon pool time before a storm rolled in.


We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and the boys loved that we each got a set of drumsticks to bang on the table.



Back at hotel, the boys posed with Aunt Katie before heading to bed.

We had a great time in Brazil with Aunt Katie!

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