Egg Production Has Begun!

Our five pet chickens (Scout, Chestnut, Arturito, Sven, and Uncle Cody) have started to lay eggs. We’re not sure yet which chickens are laying the eggs, but for now we are getting about two to three eggs a day. Once all the hens get the hang of it and know what they are doing, we should be getting five eggs per day.

The boys love the chickens and spend time everyday checking on them, petting them, looking for eggs, and refilling their food and water.




Danny is getting better at holding the chickens all by himself.


Patrick likes pretending the chickens are his babies.


Danny especially enjoys waving hi to the chickens and saying, “Hi, buddy,”


According to our nanny Maria, one hen, Chestnut, is suffering from the chicken equivalent of hysterical pregnancy. Although she had been laying eggs, she has stopped and now just sits in the chicken coop on top of nonexistent eggs which will never actually hatch. It sounds pretty odd to me and I hope she’ll be over this and laying eggs again soon!


The boys love going into the coop to check for eggs.


They are always excited to see eggs and are usually careful about bringing them inside.



With all the fresh eggs, I was looking forward to scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning. Unfortunately, the boys had similar plans. And they’ve got the nannies wrapped around their little fingers. Danny and Patrick have been enjoying scrambled egg snacks at least twice a day. On the weekends though, we have all been able to enjoy fresh eggs. We even defrosted some bacon and made pancakes too. We had a nice breakfast feast when Aunt Katie was visiting us.




We can’t wait to have even more eggs!

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