Michael Jackson in Paraguay

Paraguay is not the most exciting place to live. It’s really more of a “make your own fun” kind of a place. So my coworker Mike (our neighbor and Scout’s dad) and I made our own fun by inviting a Michael Jackson impersonator to perform at the Embassy.

Mike and I had recently driven through Mercado 4, a rough part of town with vendors selling everything under the sun, and we saw a sign for a Michael Jackson impersonator.


We laughed and thought it would be funny to hire him for a party some time. When some of our Embassy colleagues announced a Fat Tuesday happy hour at the Embassy pool, Mike and I put our plan into action. We did some YouTube research on Paraguayan Michael Jackson, googled some old news stories about him and then called the number we had seen on the sign.

I’ve never really been a Michael Jackson fan, but this seemed like as good of an idea as any.



To our surprise, the Paraguayan Michael Jackson doesn’t perform alone – he brings his whole family including his older son (“mini Michael Jackson”) and his younger son (“baby Michael Jackson”), his wife, and his daughter.


So we booked the family to perform for an hour at the Fat Tuesday poolside happy hour. We kept it a surprise from the rest of our colleagues, dropping the curtains around the “stage” until the show was about to begin.



While Paraguayan Michael Jackson didn’t bring a pet monkey or shorty tigers with him, he did actually look like the real deal and he did a lot of crotch grabbing. As one coworker remarked, “He’s really got the crotch-grabbing down.” He put on a good show, with lots of costume changes.




The stars of the show may have been the kids!



Baby Michael Jackson was especially amazing. He’s only 21 months old!


Everybody had a great time!


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