Mommy, I fell

Poor Danny was unsuccessful, very unsuccessful, in his attempt to climb on top of this table.


Unfortunately it fell over on top of him and the edge of the table crashed right into the bridge of Danny’s nose. It immediately started to swell into a somewhat hideous deformation.


Our nanny Mercedes texted me, and Brian and I headed home from work to check on Danny. When we walked in the door, he started sobbing all over again and kept saying, “Mommy, I fell.” After consulting with the nurses at the Embassy, we took Danny to the hospital just to make sure nothing was broken.


A pediatrician examined Danny who in turn examined his stuffed koala bear.


It didn’t take long until Danny was clearly feeling better, running up and down a ramp, trying to do flips on Daddy’s legs, and happily smiling.


The pediatrician sent us over to radiology for a few x-rays of Danny’s face. Danny did not want to hold still, though he spent a bit of effort trying to get his koala bear to hold still.


Thankfully the x-rays showed no fractures.


Next we were sent to see a specialist who looked like something out of a cartoon. He was rather old and had some type of a magnifying glass attached to a band around his forehead. Danny didn’t really like when the doctor jammed things up his nose.


The doctor made us nervous when he held a pair of scissors in his shaky hands (dangerously close to Danny’s eyes) as he tried to trim down the bandage he had put over the cut. Danny ripped the bandage off in about three seconds anyway. After we paid our bill (we don’t have Paraguayan health insurance and we paid less than $60 for everything), it was time to go.


When we got home from the hospital, Patrick asked, “Why does Danny still have a bump on his head? Didn’t you take him to the doctor to get fixed?” Over the next few days, he continued to feel fine, although the bruise certainly started to look worse.



Danny looks a bit like his Uncle Matt looked after Matt too had a nasty fall as a toddler.


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