I’m fixing mi bed!

After perfecting his crib escape months ago, we decided Danny was ready for his big boy bed. When Patrick turned two (and Danny was a month from being born), we got a set of bunk beds that could either be bunked or used separately side-by-side.

We set up the bottom bunk more than two years ago and Patrick’s been sleeping in it ever since. Last weekend we set up the top bunk for Danny. We’ve kept the beds unbunked, with the boys in separate bedrooms.

The first step was taking apart Danny’s crib.


Danny and Patrick (not to mention Mike and Scout) were eager to assist. Danny, while playing with various tools, said over and over again, “I’m fixing mi bed.” When we repeated that phrase back to him, he’d angrily reply, “No! MI bed!” (Note: “mi” – pronounced “me” – is the Spanish word for “my”).


Patrick took a break to snuggle with Scout and Danny took a break to show us how he’d sleep in his big boy bed.


Scout helped Brian with the directions as Danny tightened a few screws.


The boys played on the mattress and Patrick pretended to sleep the way Scout sleeps, on his back with his paws in the air.


Finally the bed was all ready for Danny. He and Patrick were eager to play on it!


We all had a few laughs before bed!


The only one of us that seemed less than thrilled for Danny to get a big boy bed was Patrick, perhaps threatened that his own status as “big boy” was being diminished. So naturally, Patrick suggested that Danny should get Patrick’s old bed, and Patrick should instead get the new bed. Showing us he was serious about this suggestion, Patrick decided to just get right into Danny’s bed when it was time to go to sleep that night. Eventually though, we convinced him to get in his own bed and reminded him that even though Danny is getting bigger, Patrick is bigger still.


Danny was asleep in no time at all, snuggling with his beloved Olaf stuffed animal and a little dog that came with a tag saying “puppy,” which our nannies have pronounced as “poopy.” When I checked on him later in the evening, he was perpendicular across the bed with his feet on the pillow. Obviously, he’s still getting used to the new bed.


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