A Visit with Crocodiles

We recently took a day trip to the town of Ita, about an hour from Asunción.



Just as the boys couldn’t take being in the car any longer, we finally saw the (dilapidated) welcome sign indicating we had arrived in Ita.


It was a short drive to the center of town and the laguna we had heard is full of crocodiles, or “cocodrilos.”




While walking around the laguna, we stopped to play at the playground.


We continued our walk, and started to worry that the only crocodiles we were going to see were a twisted bike tire (a croc’s tail?, Patrick wondered) and some drawings.


The boys getting kind of antsy and crabby until Brian spotted one little croc hiding in the reeds.


Then we saw a man dropping torn pieces of bread crust into the water. Almost immediately, a large crocodile surfaced and began chomping down on the bread.



After watching the crocodiles for awhile, Patrick and Danny demonstrated for us how crocodiles bite.


As we finished our loop around the lagoon and made our way back to the car, we saw one more small croc.


We also saw three beautiful birds.


The boys had a little snack when we got back to the car. When we asked them how many cocodrilos we had seen, they disagreed.


We stopped at an artisan shop before we hit the road for home and saw one last crocodile. The boys had fun trying to make that croc bite Brian.


We started to make our way home.


On the way home, we stopped for lunch at a mall and saw two little elves!


If you go to Ita, be sure to bring some bread for the crocs!

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