Buzz cuts

It is the middle of summer now in Paraguay and it gets pretty hot here. My kids have been sweating a lot, particularly on their heads, so much so that during recent FaceTime and Skype conversations, more than one relative has asked them, “Did you just get out of the pool? The shower? Your head looks all wet.”



With the hot, hot days, there is often intense humidity. Just the other day, the temperature was 99 degrees, but with the heat index it felt like 108 degrees. With the heat likely to continue for the next few months, we decided to get the boys buzz cuts.

My family has a long tradition of buzz cuts for boys. Here’s my dad (on the right, in the back) with his mom and six of his seven brothers.


And here are a few of my brothers, circa 1989-1991, sporting similar haircuts.



When we took Patrick and Danny to the barbershop, Danny went first and happily steered the race car chair while his hair was shorn.



Patrick went next and was very unhappy about the hair that got in his mouth.



Danny played in the “casita” (little house) while Patrick got his haircut.


Before we had their hair all cut off, we weren’t sure how it would look in the end. We were happy that the barber did a nice job and we think the boys look pretty cute!



We celebrated the new haircuts with pizza for dinner!


The highlight of the day for the boys may have been the lizard we saw on the wall of the kitchen when we got home that night!


2 thoughts on “Buzz cuts

  1. Oh no! I’m going to miss Danny’s sweaty little head! You should’ve given them mullets first, like the Disney on Ice refund guy.

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