Christmas 2014

Patrick and Danny have a few pairs of holiday jammies and they had fun wearing them in the days leading up to Christmas.


For Christmas Eve mass the boys had cute reindeer ties which they thought were pretty fun.




For dinner, we had Australian lamb and a great bottle of California wine. Thankfully the boys didn’t care for the lamb (and weren’t offered any of the wine!), so there was more for Brian and me!


Before bed, the boys put on another pair of Christmas jammies and fell asleep eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival.


All night we had the NORAD Santa tracker on TV, and after the boys were asleep we saw that it showed a visit by Santa to Asunción.


During the night Santa left gifts, filled the stockings, and he and his reindeer ate most of the treats we had left for them.


In the morning, the boys were very excited to get downstairs. We first investigated the third floor and roof access and found the door to the roof had been left opened. Since we don’t have a chimney, we suspect Santa entered through the roof.


Both boys got lots of nice gifts, especially from their relatives back in the United States.



The boys got some clothes and Danny tried to put everything on at once.



Daddy read the boys a letter that Santa left behind for them. And they were very excited to get a set of golf clubs!


The boys were happy to discover their stockings and fire chief hats.


In the excitement of opening gifts, the morning was not without a few tears.


The boys had a nice time playing with their new toys and resting on the couch while we got breakfast ready. Even Scout got a gift!


After changing into another pair of Christmas jammies, the boys opened the last of their gifts.



We had a nice Christmas in Paraguay and especially enjoyed our long four day weekend at home together!

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

    • Dont worry, Patrick. As soon as Peter is old enough to grab a toy from the kitchen set, Nolan will declare that toy his own favorite and snatch it back! That’s how it’s going in our house!

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