Christmas Tree

The boys had fun decorating our Christmas tree this year. We let them put the non-breakable ornaments on the tree and they especially loved hanging the animal ornaments. Their favorite animal Scout stood watch.



Danny and Patrick were excited to hold the star before it was placed on the tree.


Patrick was thrilled to be the one to do the honors.


The tree looked great! We didn’t have too many glass ornaments and it’s a good thing too, since two ornaments broke within the first 30 minutes of being placed on the tree and I later saw Patrick attempting to swing a three-foot tall stuffed Santa Claus doll like a baseball bat directly into the center mass of the tree.


Patrick and Danny have developed two odd practices with the ornaments on the tree. At bedtime, the boys like to take the animal ornaments off the tree branches and then place them their sides so the animals can go to sleep.


The boys also like shaking hands with a Santa ornament while saying, “Nice to meet you!”


The boys have really been enjoying the tree!

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