Danny is Two!

This weekend we celebrated Danny’s second birthday. Since he likes to do everything that his big brother Patrick does, Danny asked for balloons, cake and pizza, just as Patrick had requested three weeks ago for his own birthday.

Patrick helped me make and frost the cake.



Both boys were very excited to see the finished cake in the fridge the next morning!



After breakfast alfresco with their buddy Scout, the boys had fun playing with snails and watching a big truck switch out a full dumpster for an empty dumpster. Exciting stuff!



Finally it was party time!



We had homemade pizza dough and made pizzas in our oven.



Danny loved his cheese pizza!


After pizza, Danny sat at the dining room table anxiously awaiting cake time!


He didn’t love wearing a birthday hat, but was thrilled when we brought out his cake!


The boys shared a chair as they happily ate their cake and ice cream.


Before bed, Danny later put a birthday hat on for a bit and then drove the Curious George train across Scout’s back a few times.


Over the weekend, Danny had fun seeing relatives on FaceTime and Skype as he opened gifts from them. He got a bit confused by the frequent wishes of “happy birthday” and would often respond emphatically “MY birthday” while tapping his chest, as if those birthday wishes were somehow suggesting otherwise!



He loved the tricycle that we gave him and Patrick had fun riding on it too!


It was a great birthday celebration!

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