Beauty and the Beast on Ice

In September, after seeing an ad in the newspaper, I bought tickets to “La Bella y La Bestia Sobre Hielo”, or Beauty and the Beast on Ice. Having never seen or even heard of an ice skating rink in Paraguay, I was curious about how this show would work, but figured that it would be fun for the boys.


Our tickets were in the “Preferencias A” section.


Since Danny and Patrick were unfamiliar with the story of Beauty and the Beast, we prepared for the show by borrowing the Disney movie from a friend to learn about the characters and the story.

A week or so after we bought our tickets, a friend unsuccessful in her attempt to buy tickets was told the show had been cancelled. I called the ticket company to get the full story and they told me that due to “technical difficulties” the show would be delayed, likely until November or December. I suspected that the technical problem was the lack of an ice skating rink in Paraguay’s tropical heat, a problem not likely to be remedied in the increasingly hotter months of November and December. When I asked the customer service representative how I could learn of the rescheduled date, he suggested that I listen to the radio for news or that I call back to ask for updates. For awhile, I did call every week or so hoping to learn of the new date, but there was never any news. And then I forgot. After a few weeks went by, I remembered again to call and check on the rescheduled date. Last week, during a call to customer service, I learned that the show had been canceled. They took down my contact information and promised to call with details about what I would need to do to get a refund. The next day, they called back and said if I wanted a refund, I would need to show up at a building on Avenida Eusebio Ayala the following day between 9 AM and 1 PM. Since I had purchased the tickets at the mall, I was hoping I could go there for the return rather then visit a random building in a sketchy neighborhood in the middle of the workday. They said no, the only way to get a refund was to do as they as they had directed.

With Brian out of town, I convinced a coworker to go with me during lunch to get the refund for my tickets and those of another family. We went through some “scenic” parts of town, including Mercado 4.



We finally found the building and thankfully we didn’t need to rely on the handicap ramp to enter the building, since it looked a bit dangerous at about a 45° angle.


Once I saw that the door to the building had signs related to ticket sales, I was starting to think this was less likely to be a scam. When we entered the office building, they directed us to the rear of the office, past all the desks and then down the hallway toward a cashier.


A helpful man with an impressive mullet assisted us.


Soon I had my complete refund in hand. And while it is unfortunate that the show never happened, hopefully another new show will be here soon!


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