Breakfast with Santa

This weekend, the Embassy hosted a breakfast with Santa. Last year, it did not go well.

This year, Patrick and Danny have been talking a lot about Santa and were very excited to visit him, sit on his lap, and tell him the things they wanted his elves to make for them. That’s what they said anyway, while sitting on the couch before we left the house for breakfast.


When we got to the Embassy, the boys eagerly gobbled up their breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon.


When it came time to meet the jolly old man, things did not go as planned.


Danny did not like Santa at all and screamed while Santa held him.


And Patrick would not get within an arm’s reach of Santa.


At least the boys enjoyed their party favors from Santa! Danny hasn’t quite mastered it yet and continually hits himself in the face. That doesn’t seem to bother him though!


Maybe next year the boys will do better with Santa!

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