La Clausura

This past weekend was “la clausura” or the end of school year program for the boys’ preschool. The show was called “Un Cuento Musical” or “a musical story.”

The boys had special outfits to wear to the event.


The day of the program, it rained most of the afternoon. Once the boys were dressed in their outfits and ready to go, it really started pouring.


In the middle of the torrential downpour, we loaded to kids into the car.


The roads were the worst we have seen them. We might as well have been navigating a river.


Finally, we made it to the Paraguayan Japanese Center, and the rain even let up a little.


The show was supposed to start at 6pm and the teachers had told the students to arrive at 5:30, which we did. Unfortunately, most folks were rather late to arrive and the show didn’t actually begin until 6:50. This gave Danny and Patrick plenty of time to check out the room and the stage, to hang with their friends and to jump around like crazy people.

As the students arrived, Danny was very excited to see them, greeting each one by name and excitedly clapping.

Finally, the show began with a few words of welcome from the director of the school followed by the presentation of the flags of the preschool and of Paraguay and the singing of the Paraguayan national anthem. We were very surprised to see Patrick singing along. We’ll have to work on teaching him the words to his own national anthem!


The teachers then showed a slideshow of pictures from the school year.


Next the students got ready for the presentation of certificates. Patrick and Danny each got one!



Next, the director of the school introduced two dads who took the stage and set the scene for the “Cuento Musical” and the songs and dances to be performed by the kids.


The five year-olds then took the stage for a song. Danny decided to join them. Surprisingly, he knew the dance and kept up with the big kids. It was pretty funny!


Patrick’s class walked on to the stage, at first stomping their feet in time to the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and then softening their movements as the song changed to Vivaldi’s “Spring.”


Then all the kids played with tambourines for a few songs.


They did two songs in English next – “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “No More Monkeys (Jumping on the Bed).”


Next Patrick and Danny danced with their classmates to “Osito Gummy” (“Gummy Bear”), a Zumba dance, and then “Gangnam Style.”




With all his dancing and jumping around, Patrick – whose shorts were a little too big – had to stop and pull them up a few times during the show.


Danny took a few spontaneous breaks during the show, jumping off the stage and sometimes taking a seat in a chair and sometimes dancing in the aisles with a chair on his head.



After the dance show, the all parents sang together “Gigante, Chiquito” (“Giant, Tiny”). The teachers had printed out the words of the song for us and included pictures of Danny and Patrick.



Next, two of the dads played guitar for the crowd.


To close the show, the director and the teachers each said a few words and accepted a gift of a painting with the names of the students written around the edges.


After the show, the kids were all given headbands with graduation caps on them and were very excited to see a table of cake, candy and treats on display.


By the time the show ended, it was well past the boys’ bedtime and they were exhausted. They barely put up a fight when we declined to buy them toys on our way to the parking lot.


On the car ride home Patrick asked a few times if he could go to bed when we got home. We were happy to agree. Both boys went right to sleep, and even better – they slept until 8:30 the next morning!

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