Unwelcome Intruder

My kids love animals. In addition to our frequent visitor Scout and our five pet chickens, our house and yard host a variety of animals, particularly lizards and birds.

One recent morning, I went out to check on the chickens. Since I didn’t have my house keys with me and since the front door locks automatically when closed, I left the front door cracked opened.


The chickens were fine and had plenty of food and water, so I walked back to the house and as I did, I saw a pigeon fly in through the front door. The pigeon flew around the living room, crashing into the walls and ceiling a bit and then settled on the floor between our two couches.


He took flight again, crashing several times into the closed sliding doors leading to the patio.


Then he dove behind the boys’ toy shelf, trapping himself between the shelf and the wall. We moved the shelf out of the way to give the bird some room to fly. I think he might have been injured; he seemed to be having trouble flying. We opened the sliding doors and the bird flew outside.



I think the bird and I were both equally relieved once he was safely outside again.

Thankfully Scout wasn’t at our house when this happened. If he were, I don’t think things would have turned out so well for the bird.

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